Graph of an inverse function

Look at the graph of and below. Since and , they are inverse functions. What is the relationship between the graphs of the functions?
The graphs of  and below also have a relationship. What does this tell you about the graphs of inverse functions?
Based on the previous graphs and the graphs of  and below, can you make a general conjecture about the graph of a function and its inverse?
Test your conjecture by inputting functions in the graph below and comparing the resulting curves. If you need help inputting function, please check this page.
The graph below shows the function , can you find its inverse? Input the inverse you found in the box to the left of the graph and check if the graph is the reflection of h(x) in the y=x line.
Note, however, that the reflection of in the line will not always be the graph of the inverse function of . To have an inverse, a function must satisfy two requirements: be injective(one-to-one) and surjective(onto), i.e. it must be a bijection.