Ellipse: n equal arcs (debug)

SPECIFY: an ellipse, an integer n ≥ 2, and a point Z on that ellipse. Change the ellipse by moving its foci (F, F') or the point E on its perimeter. Change n and Z by using the sliders. ACTION: Divide the ellipse into n arcs of equal length, starting at point Z. METHODS: Two methods are provided. Full details may be found in their "On Click" scripts. Both methods use the Minimize command.
  • The DIVIDE_{n ≥ 5} script is elegant, but fails for n ∈ {2,3,4}.
  • The DIVIDE_{n ≥ 2} script is robust, but makes heavier use of the Execute command.
WARNING: When using DIVIDE_{n ≥ 5}, a bug can occur after changing n. This bug was not present during development with the Windows version of GeoGebra. WORKAROUND: After changing n, run Clear Division immediately before running DIVIDE_{n ≥ 5}.