Mathematical Task Presented to the Teachers

Mathematical Task Presented to the Teachers:

Your goal is to derive formula for area of a trapezoid using your knowledge of area formulas for a rectangle, a parallelogram, and a triangle. • In what ways could you decompose and recompose this trapezoid in order to create a shape or combination of shapes (such as a triangle, a rectangle, or a parallelogram) for which you already know the area/s? • Knowing the area formulas mentioned above, what are some ways you could describe the area of this trapezoid? • Is there another way you could approach developing the area of a trapezoid? • Using different approaches of deriving the area of a trapezoid, please construct 5 different demonstrations of the proof for the area of a trapezoid formula using GeoGebra. • Your GeoGebra construction should hold even if you move and manipulate the trapezoids. • Do not use special cases trapezoids (isosceles, trapezoid with right angles, etc.). • Create each demonstration using a new GeoGebra file