Product and Quotient Rules Derivatives Drill

Mike May
This applet gives students a chance to get feedback on taking the derivatives using the product and quotient rules with a long list of functions. The functions do not use the chain rule other than with a linear function. The applet has a difficulty slider that allows the user to decide the kinds of functions that are allowed. Algebraic functions are always allowed. 2) Exponential and log functions are also allowed.  (This is the standard level for business calculus.) 3) Trig functions are are allowed.  (This is the standard level for regular calculus on the first pass.) 4) Inverse Trig functions are allowed. 5) Hyperbolic trig functions allowed. To check an answer, the student should hit the submit button. Once the solution is shown, the problem can no longer be submitted. Three notes on syntax: 1) e^x should be entered as exp(x).  (GeoGebra allows e as a regular name.) 2) sin^2(x) shuld be entered as sin(x)^2.  (The x needs to go next to the sin to let GeoGebra know it is a function and not a constant name.) 3) By convention  refers to the inverse function, written asin(x), not the reciprocal function
Students should try to get 10 problems in a row correct.