Representing Decimals - Standard and Expanded Forms

Jon Rubin
The number line below should display the numbers from zero to ten. Use the sliders on the left to see what happens when you add to your ones, tenths, hundredths, and thousandths place. Lastly, when you feel ready, click "Show EF" so that you can see what Expanded Form should look like as well.
1.) Try and find different points. For example, see if you can get a value of: a.) 4.4 b.) 4.04 c.) 4.004 2.) With the above points, what was different? Which of the three was closest to zero? 3.) Try and get points with values of: a.) 5.5 b.) 5.55 c.) 5.555 4.) Which of the above points was closest to 5? Closest to 6? Were they far apart?