Reflections after lesson - Quadratic Function

Reflection after lesson

How did you implement your lesson plan? I've done the lesson plan and the worksheets. I applied today 29.03.2017 between 17-18 hours, I implemented lessons in ICT lab. It was a real success. Most students downloaded and solved my worksheets. After that, I introduced the new theoretical notions related to the vertex and monotony of the quadratic function. I have solved with a work tool I made in Geogebra o part of the worksheet. It was a real emulation. There were students who enrolled in the group I created for them in GeoGebra and with the help of them we have succeeded in solving all the tasks they have received. It was a real success recognized by children as well. Integration of new technologies into the lesson went well? There was no technical problem. The only troubles were due to the low performance of a students' mobile phones or internet speed Did the pupils reach the objectives proposed in the lesson? Yes. Students wrote the coordinates of the vertex of the parabola associated with the quadratic function, I have discussed according to the discriminant the shape of the function graph and its intersections with axes. Using graph image they identified the minimum and maximum of a quadratic function. They actively participated in the lesson and even improved their ICT skills. What lesson views did your students express? It was also a recognized success for children. What improvements could be made to the method used to make it work better? Should be increased the number of math lessons and reduce study material to leave room for teacher innovations and develop the creativity of both teachers and pupils.