Time - " The Vector " - Complex Mathematics

Complex Time - The Vector 1) I continue to follow my original Rules from " Independent Axis and Complex Trigonometry " and I have now made " Time " into a Vector of both Velocity and Acceleration as a function of " a " 2) The Math and Relationships are pretty Complex and you will have to study it because I am not even sure I could explain to you what I did to Construct this Graphics. 3) This should work because I have stuck to my Original " Distances " and " Relationships " although I am not sure how the separation of Quadrants is Going to work out with Acceleration being in the Bottom Half while Velocity is happening in the Top Half. 4) All I can say is that I used the Rules of Multiplication to Relate " a " into the formulas that you see regarding " a " and " t " and you can see the units I made up for the Vector Time. 5) I think it's pretty Cool and I wonder if this stuff works on real applications? 6) Without Realizing it I have actually defined what " a " means, ie Distance : a = (3 times the velocity + the acceleration ) / 2 - !!!!!- - There is the Definition of " a ." 7) And , Don't Forget when " choosing " a " " you have to follow the Rules Per ,,,, a=1 a = -1 a = any distance from Complex Trigonometry And I suppose you can make X and Y different and not equate the to a=x and a=y , as long as it's all " Proportional " - All that matters is Geometry, In Fact we found out that Distance is Independent because it's equal to time and Dimension as I said " a " equals Dimension and is a function of " The Time Vector "