Step Functions

In this module, you will explore step functions. We will be looking at two specific step functions, the floor (or rounding-down) function and the ceiling (or rounding-up) function. The three sliders change values in both functions. On the left hand side are the current values of each slider, as well as both functions, the floor function, fl(x), and the ceiling function, ce(x). The blue dot next to each item lets you toggle it on or off. The graph of each function is in the middle area, as well as the sliders. The sliders can be moved around by clicking and dragging to the left or right. On the right hand side is a table of domain (input) and range (output) for each function. You can scroll down to see more values. Play around with the sliders making sure to look at how the functions and table values change. When you are comfortable with the module, answer the questions below (you do not need to copy them down)!