Classifying Quadrilaterals

The aim of this lesson is to identify different types of quadrilaterals and understand the similarities and differences between them. 1. Watch this video that has a song about different types of quadrilaterals:
[This video is sourced from NUMBEROCK Math Songs on YouTube;]
The picture below contains a typical example of what each different type of quadrilateral may look like:
Here is a diagram that shows a hierarchy we can use to classify quadrilaterals:
Here is another diagram that groups quadrilaterals based on the properties that they have in common:
[The two pictures above were sourced from: Schmude, M. (Producer). (2016). Geometry video. [Video podcast]. In EDME358: Primary Mathematics 2A - Space, Measurement and Number. Armidale, Australia: University of New England. Retrieved from]
2. Classify quadrilaterals A to T by colouring. (Click a quadrilateral from the right hand column, then click those quadrilaterals A to T in the same class.) Drag the ruler and rotate it (using the red point) to measure lengths and right angles.
3. Examine each of the following quadrilaterals. Determine what type of quadrilateral the figure represents. Justify your conclusions.

Quadrilateral 1

Quadrilateral 2

Quadrilateral 3

Quadrilateral 4