Equation of Continuity With Fluid Flow

Dave Nero


This simulation shows the behavior of water in a pipe with adjustable size. Drag the yellow points to resize the pipe and to change the initial depth of the water. Drag the red cross to inspect the values used in the Bernoulli and Continuity equations. The speed of the water that exits the pipe is shown with a blue vector in the bottom right corner. Pressure is measured as a "gauge pressure" (amount above atmospheric pressure).
  1. What affects the speed of the water that leaves the pipe?
  2. What is the largest water pressure you can create with this setup?
  3. The five lines inside the pipe are "stream lines." They represent the flow of the water. What does the spacing between the streamlines tell you?
  4. If the end of the pipe were aimed upward instead of to the right, how high would the water squirt? (Think about energy conservation.)