Intro to Area Using Unit Squares

UNIT SQUARES Lab instructions are below the GeoGebra window.
Introduction and Background How big is a shape? Which shape is the biggest? How can we answer questions like these? One way is to find out how many unit squares it takes to completely cover a shape. The unit square, since it is a square, has the same length for each side. In real life problems, the unit square could be one inch, one centimeter, one yard, or even one mile on each side – depends on what you are measuring. This number of unit squares it takes to cover the shape is called the area of the shape. Results Table Shape.........Estimation..........Area in Unit Squares..........Check Shape A Shape B Shape C Shape D Shape E Step 1. Estimate Area Estimate the number of unit squares you think it will take to cover each shape. Enter your estimation in the Results Table in the Estimation column. Step 2. The Problem We need to know which of these shapes is the largest, covers the most space. Step 3. Determine the Area Use the MOVE (pointer) tool to drag unit squares onto the shapes. See how many it takes to cover each and record that number in the Results Table in the Area in Unit Squares column. Step 4. Your Conclusion Which of the shapes is the largest in terms of area?