Exploring the Properties of Similar Figures

When you hear that two objects are similar, what thoughts go through your mind? At the beginning of the course, we learned that two objects are similar if they are the same shape, but not necessarily the same size. Now we are going to explore the properties of similarity in much greater detail. For example, when you enlarge or reduce a picture, the image remains the same. An enlarged picture of a person does not make the person appear taller or heavier because the images are similar. The images below are similar. Interact with the activity to answer the questions below. 1. Check the "Show angle measures" box. What do you notice about the corresponding angles of similar figures? 2. Check the "Show lengths" box. What do you notice about the ratio of the corresponding sides in similar figures? Check the "show ratios" box to check your answer. 3. Click the "New Figures" Button. Are the answers to questions 1 and 2 still true? 4. Based on your findings, write a more detailed definition of similar figures. Similar figures are...