Solving 1-Step Equations: Multiplication and Division

Objective: Solve an equation. Transform to solution equation with inverse operation. Inverse of Multiplication is Division; Inverse of Division is Multiplication. Transform until equation is solved: solution equation has the form x = k where k is some number.
Geogebra can transform an equation IN PARENTHESES you can add 4 to both sides by typing +4 after the parentheses. you can subtract 3 from both sides by typing -3 after the parentheses. Enclose negative numbers in parentheses. Method: HOW TO DO IT Wait for Geogebra web app to load and give you an equation. Click in line 2, type right parenthesis (Shift 0) You can also type a left paren ( then click line 1 then type a right paren ) Line 2 should show the line 1 equation wrapped in parentheses. Decide on an inverse transformation, and enter it. Line 2 should show the solution equation Record your equation work on paper showing inverse transformations. Click refresh (circle in upper right) to get a new equation. Problems: IF YOU MESS UP If Line 2 is NOT SIMPLER than Line 1, then click the button under the 2 and DELETE Line 2 OR click the whole line and DELETE it Sometimes this doesn't work. I don't know why. You can start from the beginning (or some other spot) by typing a left paren ( then clicking Line 1 or another good line then typing a right paren )