Proving of Sine and Cosine Rule.

Cosine, Sine
This is a project that proves Sine and Cosine rules. a_1 is a / sin ( angle bc ) b_1 is b / sin ( angle ac ) c_1 is c / sin ( angle ab ) a_2 is a^2 b_2 is b^2 + c^2 - 2bc cos ( angle bc )
You can move the points A, B and C, and as a, b, c change in length, ab, bc, ac change in angle, Theoretically for Sine rule, a_1, b_1 and c_1 are equal; and for cosine rule, a_2 and b_2 remains the same. a_1, b_1 and c_1 remains constant, showing that the Sine rule is accurate. a_2 and b_2 remains constant too, proving the cosine rules.