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Dwellings Simulation

Many California cities limit the number of building permits that are issued each year. Because of limited water resources, one such city plans to issue permits for only 10 dwelling units in the upcoming year. The city will decide who is to receive permits by holding a lottery. There are 39 individuals who applied for permits. Thirty of these individuals are requesting permits for a single family home, eight are requesting permits for a duplex (which counts as two dwelling units), and one person is requesting a permit for a small apartment building with eight units (which counts as eight dwelling units). Each request will be entered into the lottery. Request will be selected at random one at a time. If there are enough permits remaining, the request will be granted. This process will continue until all 10 permits have been issued. On average, how many requests are expected to be granted each year? Each dot represents the number of requests granted. Download the applet. The magic happens in the spreadsheet.