N=4 Reuleaux concept Square Wheel

Gibbon Brachiation Wheel. ----- i.e. continuous brachiation switching system. cf. ブランコ /blanko/ (In Japanese, we say "blanko" as a swing seat ) [Where that name came from into Japan?] cf. N=3 original wheel: N=3 2R-Virtual Wheel (Reuleaux triangle-Omusubi) ■ Straight bar is better than hinge. on 2016/09/29
Switching the brachiation branch (MAD⇔MAB⇔MBC⇔MCD⇔MAD... endless loop). ■ Bonus --- other square wheel sample Cassini Wheel (N=4 4R Virtual Wheel) ------- This tire is more flat ※. and, wheel is not rigid body. [※ Reuleaux concept case is r=2R curve.]