Line Graph

Part (A) : Relationship between gradient and orientation of line. (i) Change the gradient (m) of the line. (ii) Compare the cases (a) gradient > 0 (b) gradient = 0 (c) gradient < 0 What do you notice? Part (B) : Relationship between the intercept and intersection point with the vertical axis. (i) Change the intercept (c) of the line. (ii) What are the coordinates of the intersection point of the line with the vertical axis? What can you conclude? Verify your conclusion with some other cases.
(i) Represent a line with gradient (a)3 , (b) 0.5, (c) 0 , (d) 1 and (e) -2 (ii) Represent a line with y- intercept (a) -3 (b) 0 (c) 1