Addition (Up to 5 + 5)

Attention ALL "THOMAS & FRIENDS" FANS:   Sir Topham Hatt needs your help!  He's having a very tough time figuring out the TOTAL NUMBER OF ENGINES scheduled to leave the Island of Sodor at one time!   When you create a new addition problem, simply line up all the engines of each color you will need on the brown track!   Then count them ALL!!!  This will be the SUM, or TOTAL AMOUNT of engines leaving Sodor.  After doing this, enter the SUM in the box provided towards the top.   This will help you help Sir Topham Hatt figure out how many engines are leaving Sodor at one time!   Have fun with this!!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For parents & teachers only (so your child or student doesn't think you're ignorant): THOMAS is BLUE. JAMES is RED. PERCY is GREEN.