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Quadratic Equations 2

Problem: Disney is trying to create a replica of Elsa’s ice palace to place in their park. Unfortunately, they do not have the magical powers that she has to create it, so they have to use math and physics to build it! Use GeoGebra to find the quadratic equation needed to create a parabolic staircase like she has! Your parabola will take place on the upper railing closest to you in the photo, similar to the rough drawing below. You can test numbers using the sliders, or inputting them manually into the boxes to manipulate the equation. Once you think you have it, raise your hand to check ***Hint 1: Create a point on the y-axis to show where the y-intercept should be. To do this, click the point box in the top left, second in. Select “Point on Object”. Click anywhere on the y-axis to give yourself a visual where the y-intercept should be. *** Hint 2: Not all variables will be whole numbers