Seeing Shapes - 2nd Year Project - November 2017

Hello 2nd Years! Below is the information on your mini-project task, followed by a sample project. Enjoy!!

Focus: Area and Perimeter Mini-Project Task:
  1. Find two interesting plane shapes in the world around you. A classic example would be a square or rectangular window.
  1. Use a ruler to measure the shape in real life.
  2. Using a smartphone or camera take a picture of that shape and upload it to a PowerPoint or Google Slide (or a similar program).
  3. Use the shape-making feature to draw a square or triangle over the triangle you see.
  4. Label the measurements of the shape.
  5. Calculate the shape’s area and perimeter.
  1. Write a problem for the class that asks them to solve for a missing length or missing piece of the problem (an unknown).
  2. Overall you should have 5 slides
    1. A title slide (1 slide)
    2. One slide for each original picture  (2 slides total)  
    3. One slide for each annotated picture with the measurements and calculated perimeter and area  (2 slides total)
    4. One slide for your problem  (1 slide)
Be creative! Don't be afraid to try some crazy shapes! Please email to me as an attachment.

Shapes in the Real World