Faraday's Law

Dave Nero


This simulation applies Faraday's law of induction to a hoop of wire. Drag the blue points to set the time dependence of the hoop radius (and thus area), magnetic field magnitude, and relative angle between the hoop and magnetic field. The induced EMF is plotted as a function of time. Drag the time slider to view the system at different times. Be aware that the graph of EMF is automatically re-scaled to fill the available vertical space.
  1. In which cases is the induced EMF constant?
  2. In which cases is the induced EMF instantaneously zero?
  3. The induced EMF is caused by a changing magnetic flux. Are there any situations where the magnetic field is changed, and yet the EMF is constantly zero?
  4. The graphs on the left are setup to be linear functions. Is the resulting EMF always linear?