Kristal's reflections during the project:

After I was done placing everything all I had to do was get my ''WIN'' set up. So I insterted an image and set it up so that the conditions were right. Another thing that is specific with geogebra are the conditions the conditions have to be written perfectly for them to work the way you want them to work.  I also wanted to mention something that I learned this time when I used geogebra. I was able to make little 1 and little o under the V x and y. At first I was able but I figured out that you have to write them like this: V_1 or x_o or y_o to get the little numbers/letters under the letter you want. I also dont understand the projectile more than before oddly. Normally when we do functions using geogebra everything gets a lot more clear but this time it didnt really help me. It was just an assignement that we had to do using what we have learned. I didnt discover anything new like I normally do.