Reflecting a Polygon


Read the directions and complete the problems below.

Step 1: Create a polygon with the following vertices    A(-4, 1), B(-2, 4), C(3, 1), and D(-1, -1)  Step 2: Decide which line you are reflecting over.   *If you are reflecting across either axis, move to step 4  *If you are reflecting over a line that is NOT an axis, the line must first be graphed.  Step 3: Graphing a line  a) ClickToolbar Image (3rd button). This tool will let you graph using two points.   b) Graph a line (in y = mx+b form)   c) The line can move by dragging either point.  Step 4: Reflecting  a) Click Toolbar Image (8th button) and choose reflecting about a line.   b) Click the polygon.   c) Click the line of reflection (axis or the line you've graphed)  Note: If you move points A, B, C, or D the corresponding image point will appropriately change as well.   Problem #1: R x-axis(ABCD)    Problem #2: R y=-1/2x +4(ABCD) *Perform each transformation within this applet.   **Take a screen shot of your work (you will have problem #1 and problem #2 on one screenshot.)  Insert it into the appropriate google slide.   ***Geogebra will NOT save your work!!!!

Reflecting a polygon