3.7 Investigation 3 (Incenter)


3.7 Constructing Points of Concurrency Investigation

Step 1: The distance from the incenter to each of the three sides is the same with it measuring relatively 2.4. Step 2: Construct the perpendicular from the incenter to any one of the sides of the triangle. Mark the point of intersection between the perpendicular line and the side of the triangle. Step 3: Tape or glue your patty paper firmly on a piece of regular paper. Use a compass to construct a circle with the incenter as the center and that passes though the point of intersection in Step 2. What do you notice? I noticed that the points on the side of the triangle touch the circle which would then make the distance from the triangle side to the incenter equidistant. Step 4: Use your observation to state your new conjecture Incenter Conjecture The incenter of a triangle is equidistant from the sides