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Template for a Quiz

This worksheet is a template to make a quiz. To use it, you have to : 1. Precise the number of questions. This number is represented with the numeric variable n. 2. Create texts Q1, Q2, Q3, … each containing one question. 3. Create a list Q ={Q1,Q2, Q3, …} 4. Create texts A1, A2, A3, ... containing the answer A) to the corresponding question. 5. Create a list A = {A1, A2, A3, …} 6. Make the same things as in 4. and 5. for the answers B, C, and D. 7. Create a list of good GA of good answers. 8. Create 4 Boolean variables a, b, c, and d to check the good answer for each question. 9. Create a Boolean variable Good that will be true when the good answer is checked and false otherwise. 10. Create a numeric variable Score to count the good answers. 11. Create a numeric variable q for the number of current question. 12. Create a text variable Ans = If(a, "a", If(b, "b", If(c, "c", If(d, "d", "?")))) to keep the selected answer. 13. Create a button Start with script   q=0   a=false   b=false   c=false   d=false   Good=Ans ≟ Element[GA, q]   Score=If[q==0,0,If[Good,Score+1,Score]] 14. Create a button New Question to get a new question. The script of this button is  Score=If[Good,Score+1,Score]   q=q+1  a=false  b=false   c=false  d=false 15. Attach to each of the Boolean variable an update script as   b=false a=false a=false a=false   c=false for variable a, c= false for b b=false for c b=false for d  d=false d=false d=false c=false