M. C. Escher Tessellation Sketch Pad

M. C. Escher is famous for his incredible tessellations. This applet allows you to make YOUR OWN tessellations. The square is your starting point, just like with the paper one you did.
When you have an image you like, print your screen or send the file to yourself and Mr Judge at jjudge@school21.org.uk DIRECTIONS: 1. To begin, choose an option: Click the 3, 7, or 15 point box of "Circle Limit I" or "Circle Limit IV". 2. Familiarize yourself with how movement affects the figure. Experiment. Play. Explore. Have fun! (Note: The more points you use, the more complicated it gets.) ***You can always "Reset construction" by clicking refresh*** Make YOUR OWN unique tessellation and imagine what could be drawn inside. BOTH the light gray form and dark gray form MUST become an image. 4. If you like your tessellation, then screenshot IF YOU FINISH EARLY, KEEP CREATING! Keep experimenting. You might stumble upon something really special. In the end, you'll use your favorite one.