Fencing Problem

See Lab Instructions below the GeoGebra window.
FENCE PERIMETERS The Problem Ted bought 320 feet of fence for his new garden. The fence comes in sections of 10 feet. He needs your help in designing and drawing diagrams of possible arrangements for his garden. Construction Tools to Be Used Turn on the GRID to help you. Assume that each side of each square on the grid represents 10 feet. Use the SEGMENT BETWEEN TWO POINTS tool to construct the diagrams. Use the MOVE (pointer) tool to drag or modify any segments of your fences. Use the INSERT TEXT tool to label the lengths of the sides of your fence designs. Construction One Ted’s first idea was to create a rectangular garden with four equal sides -- a square. On the GeoGebra page, construct a diagram of Ted's idea. Use the TEXT tool to label the length of the sides. Construction Two Ted decided that a square garden might not be the best shape for his yard. On the GeoGebra page, design three other rectangular gardens that can be constructed with the 200 feet of fence that Ted has for his garden. Use the TEXT tool to label the sides of your designs. Print and Discuss When all four polygons are constructed and labeled, print the GeoGebra page. With a partner, discuss your strategy for solving the problem of finding three different designs that use the same amount of fencing.