The less info, the better!


Do I have to tell you the measures of ALL the angles and sides for you to make a triangle congruent to mine???? Really???

You and your partner will draw a triangle that I give you.  Then come up with some "shortcuts" and test them out to see if your shortcuts are enough information for you to re-create each other' triangle! First we need to practice some things... like copying segments and angles.... To draw a segment of fixed length, use this button: Toolbar Image
Now let's copy an angle.... In the coordinate plane below, you are going to construct a 30 angle.  A will be the vertex, one side will be AB, the other side will be AB'.  Use this button, and click on B (angle side first) then A(vertex) then specify 30 degrees ccw....By the way B' is a point, and is in no way going to be the correct distance from A as you want... You will have to fix that !!! Practice making one or two more angles before you move to the next paragraph....

Now let's draw our triangles...

Draw your triangle in the coordinate plane below.  Get all measurements you need.   You and your partner should come up with three "shortcuts".  Write them in the first column, then  write the information, then trade your paper with your partner.  Compare your results. Like yesterday, you will capture the screen below and submit to CANVAS.