3D - Ruimtemeetkunde Snelgids

General Information

The  GeoGebra 3D Geometry Quickstart introduces users to the basic use of GeoGebra's 3D Graphics View by completing a set of basic three-dimensional geometric constructions (i.e. tower, parallelepiped). It provides information about
  • using the 3D Graphics Tools
  • customizing the 3D Graphics View


Chapter 1: 3D Graphics Quickstart
  1. How to Use GeoGebra's 3D Graphics Tools
  2. Basic Tower Construction
  3. Basic Parallelepiped Construction
Chapter 2: Learn more about GeoGebra
  1. The 3D Graphics Tools
  2. How to Customize the 3D Graphics View
  3. The GeoGebra Quickstart Series