“The world has changed. Technology has changed it… Information technology has made it possible for us to connect and work with more people and in more locations around the world. Our world has shrunk; and so must our minds expand to learn to take in all that is now within our reach.”
These words were from a speech by RAdm (NS Teo Chee Hean, Minister of Education and 2nd Minister for Defence (Apr 1997 - Aug 2003) at the launch of the first Masterplan for ICT in Education, “Opening New Frontier in Education with Information Technology, 28 Apr 1997

Brief MP1 to MP4 descriptions

Singapore's  First Master Plan for ICT in education (MP1)   Launched in  1997 Master Plan 2  2003 to 2008 Master Plan 3  2009 to 2014 Current  Master Plan 4  2015 to 2019 Nationwide effort Aims : Increase ICT capabilities in schools (hardware) and teachers (training) so as to develop students with competencies to be responsible, productive and active digital citizens and future ready learners in a rapidly changing world.
MP4 : Continuation and a timely broadening of focus beyond the mp3 goal of self-directed learning and collaborative learning to the productive use of ICT for quality learning in support of the total curriculum
In this presentation we want to share with you informally some of the efforts we have made in regards to the use of Geogebra in mathematics education in Singapore.