Mario Ruiz
You have seen a Euclidian circle. A circle is the set of all points that have the same distance from a fixed given point known as the center point.
This is a circle with a radius 3, meaning all the points on the circle have a distance of 3 from the center C.
How does a TaxiCab circle look like? I want you to plot all the points that are 3 units away from the center given. This would be a TaxiCab circle with a radius of 3. After you have plot all the points, connect the points.

When you connected the points what kind of shape does it make?

In Euclidian Geometry we define as the ratio of its circumference compare to its diameter. What is the TaxiCab equivalent of Pi? Find out what the Circumference of your TaxiCab circle is and divide it by the diameter of the circle to find this ratio.

What was the ratio you found?