Thymio geometry

In order to model any kind of robot robot with GeoGebra, we need to base the design on a reference system attached to the robot. Here we are going to create the geometry of the Thymio robot. Quite naturally we select the pen hole position, point , as the reference point, together with an orientation angle . By setting the pair the robot can be placed anywhere in the working plane. These are the elements we need to create:
  • the position of the robot, center point
  • the orientation angle of the robot
  • the robot direction unit vector
  • the perpendicular direction unit vector
  • the position of the two wheels
  • the corner points of the outline
  • the straight and circular segments of the outline
First go back to step 1 and then go through the construction process step by step. Then, try to draw the Thymio robot or any other robot on a new GeoGebra worksheet.