Creating Congruent Triangles


Introduction to Activity

Every triangle is made of six parts: three sides and three angles. Proving two triangles are congruent requires only three of those six parts. Below is a pre-made triangle: ABC. Objective: Take any three parts of the triangle, and attempt to create a triangle with the three parts. Answer the two questions below for each combination of parts you given.

Operating the Geogebra Workspace

1) Each point labeled A regardless of subscript corresponds to point A in ABC. The same is true for all of the Bs and Cs. 2) All the points with a subscript of 2 moves the whole segment. 3) All the points with a subscript of 3 moves the point. 4) All the segments of the angles can be extended or shortened as needed.

1. Creating Congruent Triangles

Using any combination of three parts of the triangle, answer the following questions for each combination you attempt. 1. Can you create a congruent triangle with your parts? 2. Can you create a different triangle with your parts? List all of the combinations which you can answer yes to number 1 and no to number 2 in the space provided.

Screen Shot

1) Take a screen shot of your answers (Shift+command+4). 2) Create a new Google Doc 3) Title Doc: Creating Congruent Triangles 4) Add document to Google Classroom Assignment Introduction to Congruent Triangle