Isosceles Triangle Exp: Ex. 5B


1) Select the SEGMENT WITH GIVEN LENGTH Toolbar Image tool. Then plot a point off to the right. Enter a length of 4. 2) Select the MOVE Toolbar Image tool. Now touch the segment. In the style bar that appears, select the "Aa" icon. Check "Value" to show the length of this segment. Move points A and B around to verify this segment has an invariant length = 4. 3) Select the SEGMENT WITH GIVEN LENGTH tool again. Then select point A. Enter "4" in the pop-up box that appears. 4) Select the MOVE tool once again and move point C around. 5) Now go to the STEPS window. Hide the two segments you've just constructed in steps (1) and (3). Thus, the only items that should remain are points A, B, and C. 6) Select the POLYGON tool. Construct triangle ABC. Then select the MOVE tool and click on the two congruent sides and display these segment lengths (same way you did in exercise (2)). 7) Use the ANGLE tool to measure this triangle's 3 angles. Then select MOVE and move the vertices of this triangle around.


What do you notice?

When you're done (or if you're unsure of something), feel free to check by watching the quick silent screencast below the applet.

Quick (Silent) Demo