Step 1


Step 0

Open a Geogebra worksheet by clicking the "+New" button on your home Geogebra screen and clicking Geogebra Math Calculators.

Step 0.5

Go to your email and save your image to the computer. Remember where you save it!

Step 1

Use the "a=2" tool to insert your Image of a real life parabola. Your image must be taken by you OR you must be in the image. YOU MAY NOT PULL IMAGES FROM THE INTERNET.

Step 2

Drag your image so that the start of your parabola is located at the origin.

Step 3

Right click your image, click on Settings, and check the box titled "Background Image." Reposition your image as needed by picking up Points A and B.

Step 4

Use the "Point A" tool to insert 3 points onto your parabola. Make sure the points lie on your parabola, are far apart, and are non-collinear. YOU MAY NOT USE THE ORIGIN.

Step 5

On a Notability document, write the three points on your parabola (labeling effectively) and use your knowledge of three variable, three equation systems to ALGEBRAICALLY (no matrix) find a quadratic equation for your parabola. Need to find a, b, and c!

Step 6

Input your equation into your Geogebra worksheet to ensure your equation does, in fact, go through your three points. (If not, you did something wrong!) Make sure I can see the equation in your picture. If I cannot, please change the color of the graph. Click on the three dots located in the right corner of your equation, click Settings, choose Color, and pick a color I will be able to see.

Step 7

When complete, please email this Geogebra worksheet AND your algebraic work to me. Steps: 1. Click on the options tab. Top right corner, three horizontal lines. 2. Save your worksheet 3. Go back to options, Share. 4. Email to