Working with nets of solid shapes. A pictorial activity for stage 3.

Please watch this brief video on learning the nets of solid shapes.

Explore and manipulate this net of a cube. How many different ways can you find to create the same 3D object?

Try manipulating the different dimensions of this net. How does it affect the structure of the 3D shape?

Some shapes have multiple net arrays, different nets that make the same 3D shape. How many nets can be created to make this 3D shape?

Although this is a more complicated shape, the way in which is formed from its net shares the same properties as the others.

Here is another website which allows you to manipulate and explore the net of a cube! Use it to count the faces, edges and vertices!

No way!! can you believe it?! its possible to have even more fun with nets of solid shapes!

Now you have had a little high tech fun manipulating and figuring out how nets form 3D shapes why not try making you own nets from cardboard with a pencil and ruler then following the rules of drawing 2D shapes you already know to show what you have learnt about the formation of fantastic 3D objects! Alternatively use the following link to print, cut and form some pre-made designs.