Photosynthesis - Rate vs Light Intensity

Lew W. S.

Notes :

This is only a proof of concept simulation. Not a completed project, but a work in progress. The current animation is not accurate as the bubbles should not vary in speed (ie. travel slower if there is low light intensity) with intensity but rather the number of bubbles per minute is the rate that should change For primary school purposes, the key message is that with higher light intensity, there is greater rate of photosynthesis. In this simulation, one cannot take the quantitative observations in absolute terms. The light intensity percentage has to be calibrated against some particular intensity The rate of photosynthesis is indirectly measured by counting the number of bubbles of air (oxygen) produced by the water weed. The rate itself is relative rather than absolute. Reference for project : Photosynthesis Simulation by University of Reading & Syngenta