Format of the Quickstart Examples

Each Quickstart example is composed of the following elements: Task  Explains the assignment Exploration Applet  Provides the possibility to explore the solution of the task by using the provided Navigation Bar
Try it Yourself Applet Allows to re-create the construction without having to leave the GeoGebraBook
Step-by-Step Instructions  Gives detailed information on how to solve the task
1.Toolbar ImageSelect the Line tool and create an arbitrary line AB.5.Toolbar ImageSelect the Intersect tool and create the intersection point D of the two lines.
2.Toolbar ImageCreate a line BC.6.Toolbar ImageActivate the Polygon tool and create the parallelogram ABCD.
3.Toolbar ImageActivate the Parallel Line tool and create a parallel line to line AB through point C.7.Toolbar ImageSelect the Move tool and check whether the construction is correct.
4.Toolbar ImageCreate a parallel line to line BC through point A.
With this setup, users can choose whether to use the Exploration Applet or the written instructions to guide them towards completing the task successfully.