Kopie von Exponential Functions

Exponential Functions: y = a(b^x) Prof. Battaly, College Algebra, WCC The blue curve shown on the graph has the equation y = a b^x. For this equation the variable x is in the exponent. The base, b > 0 and b ≠ 1 The sliders represent values for the coefficient a and the base b. What happens to the curve when you move the sliders (change the values of a and b)?
1. If a is positive, then y is ______________________ Why does this make sense? _______________________________ 2. If a is negative, then y is _______________________ 3. Can y ever be 0? ______ 4. Can x ever be 0? ______ 5. When a is positive and b > 1, the curve is ____________________________ When a is positive and 0 < b < 1, the curve is ____________________________ 6. When a is positive, the Range is ______________________________ When a is negative, the Range is ______________________________ Gertrude Battaly, 27 March 2013, Created with GeoGebra