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Proportionality Theorems

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Task 1:

Move point E such that divdes and proportionally.

Question on Task 1:

Upon completing the task 1, make a conjecture about how relates to the other sides in the triangle. Confirm your conjecture using the meausurement tools in the sketch window, and explain your conjectrue below.

Task 2;

In the sketch below, move point D such that bisects C.

Question on Task 2:

Upon completing task two, make a conjecture about the lengths of the segments formed when an angle bisector intersects the opposite side of a triangle.

Task 3:

Create lines and such that (let contain points H and J)

Question on Task 3:

Using the measurement tools, identify a proportion. Write a theorem which describes what happens when three parallel lines intersect two transversals. (Hint: your laptop's calculator app can help verify your proportion).