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Table Designs - task

Debbie is an artisan who manufactures tables with stained-glass tops. The dynamic figures show the 7 basic designs in Debbie's catalog. The owners of a new cafe ordered 21 tables, three executions in each of the seven designs, all 1x1 meter. Here are their specifications.
  • In one table the green and the brown areas are equal. 
  • In one table the green area is twice the size of the brown area. 
  • In one table the brown area is twice the size of the green area.
For each of the 7 designs:
  • Describe the green and the brown areas using functions. Indicate which variable you chose.
  • Determine which of the three executions are feasible.
  • For each of the executions that are feasible, describe the dimensions of the individual pieces of glass (squares, rectangles, triangles) from which the table is assembled.