Playing the Game

The Fraction Game is created to practice about comparing fractions. Manuals and Guidelines for Player There are two fraction, the Fraction1 is in the right side of page and the Fraction2 is in the left side of page. When you click the ‘’Click to change the fractions’’ button, two fractions are change by other simultaneously. Also, there are three buttons in the bottom left of the page. These are ‘’Fraction1Fraction2’’ buttons. You should click the one of these butttons you think that is right answer of comparing two fractions. Then, the button you clicked give a feedback about the rigthness of your answer by changing its color. If the button you clicked is green, that means your answer is okay and if the button you clicked is red, it means your answer is not okay. Also, you can see the picture in the bottom right of the page. The picture show the mean of changing green and red colors of buttons for you. You can pass a new fractions to compare by clicking ‘‘Click to change the fractions’’ again. Mathematical Connection of the Game Fraction concept usually is not well understand by students. Because of this students have diffuculty to compare fractions conceptually. Practicing about comparing fraction is needed for students more and more. The gamelification of comparing fractions can be more attractive for students to learn so the Fraction Game can be very helpful to practice by more clicking the buttons.