Mean, Mode, Median, and Range

Data Analysis is being able to find the following measures of central tendency: mean, mode, median, and range. The mode must be written as a list of elements separated by a comma. When there is no mode, the program will automatically state it. Many call the mean, the average. But there is more than just one value used to persuade people to their side; these are the mode, median, and range.
mean: add all values is set and divide by the number of values mode: the most common value in the set; sometimes there is no value or multiple different common values {Most Often Data Entered}; Mode answers must be inside of { } for None, {#} for a single mode, {#,#,...} for multiple mode answers. median: the number in the middle of the sort list of values; when there is an even number the median is the average of the two middle numbers range: the difference of the largest and smallest values