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Hyperbola Performance Task (version 4)

Your Task:

  • An small explosion was heard in West Hartford Center. You need to determine where the explosion occurred to direct the appropriate services (fire, police, etc). All that you have to go on is the time that the sound of explosion was recorded on three microphones (E, F, and G). To complete your task, you must:
  • Decide where you would have had your three microphones set up (for this task, none of the microphones may be vertically or horizontally aligned!). Describe why it would make sense to put microphones in these three parts of West Hartford Center.
  • Construct 2 hyperbolas using the information given and the fact that sound travels at ~ 1125.33 ft/sec. You may use any of the tools on the Geogebra Tool Sheet received in class.
  • Determine the location of the explosion.
  • Submitting a screen shot of the final view of your geogebra screen in the appropriate place on Schoology.
  • Submit a paper copy of ALL calculations done in the process of creating your hyperbolas. If a calculation was not done and instead replaced by the use of a Geogebra tool, include a description of the tool and how you used it.
  • Include the coordinates of the explosion rounded to the nearest hundredth for both x and y. How close this is to the actual coordinates will weigh in to your score on this assessment.