Gettin' to the Hundreds

UNIT 4 • LESSON 7ONE HUNDRED PERCENTWHAT YOU WILL LEARNIn this lesson, I will solve more problems about percent increase and percent decrease.I can...
  • Understand that since a percent increase or decrease is a percent of an original amount, it makes sense to associate the original amount with 100% when solving problems.
  • Reason about percentages as rates per 100 to solve percent increase and decrease problems.
  • Encounter some situations where it is sensible to express the change in a quantity as a percentage of the starting amount.
I will know I learned by...
  • Demonstrating that when I know the new amount and the percentage of increase or decrease, I can find the original amount.
  • Demonstrating that I understand that if I know how much a quantity has grown, then the original amount represents 100%.
  • Demonstrating that I can use a double number line diagram to help me solve percent increase and decrease problems.
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