Diameters and Chords

Comparing Diameters and Chords

  1. Construct a circle.
  2. Construct a line through the centre of the circle.
  3. Construct the intersection points of the line and the circle.
  4. Construct the segment between the two intersection points.
  5. Hide the line through the centre.
  6. Construct a point on the circle.
  7. Construct a line parallel to the diameter passing through the point on the circle.
  8. Construct the intersections of the parallel line and the circle.
  9. Construct a segment between these intersections. This is a chord.
  10. Measure the chord and the diameter. Move both around. What is always true about the length of the chord and the diameter?

The Truth About Chords and Diameters.

What is always true about the length of a chord compared to the length of a diameter?