CPM 1-60 (Extension)

In this applet, you will reflect a triangle over two PARALLEL LINES of reflection. You will predict the placement of each reflected triangle by placing a gray triangle in the place of each reflected triangle. Once the gray triangles have been placed, click on Reflection a to show the answer to the first reflection. Next click on Reflection b to show the answer to second reflected triangle. After checking your answers, deselect the problem by clicking on the "double blue arrows" in the upper right corner of the applet. To complete problem 2, deselect problem 1 and click on problem 2. Use the steps from problem 1 to complete problem 2. Next, complete problems 3 and 4. Once you complete the parallel lines of reflection, revisit each problem. This time you will reflect the triangle over two lines of reflection that are NOT parallel. Place the green POINT on top of the green X so the lines are not parallel. Repeat the steps for problem 1.