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Freehand Pottery Bowl Surface of Revolution

Math Teachers:

In GeoGebra Classic, it is SUPER EASY for you and your Ss to explore cross sections and create surfaces of revolutions formed by rotating any cross section about an axis. In the GeoGebra Classic app shown below, we simply 1) Dragged a picture (from the computer to the GeoGebra graphics pane) (0:00 - 0:05 in video) 2) Sketched a cross section the Freehand Shape tool Toolbar Image. (0:53 - 1:13) 3) Rotated this cross section about the xAxis. (1:56 - 2:05) 4) Rotated this image about the zAxis to create a surface of revolution about the zAxis. (2:16 - END)

HOW IT WAS MADE (Quick silent 3:00 demo)

The FINAL PRODUCT. To open this full-screen, go to the 3 vertical dots (upper right-hand corner). Select OPEN IN APP.


1) Open up GeoGebra 3D Calculator on your device. 2) Go to MENU (upper left corner). Select OPEN. Under SEARCH, type adb4bfbp (Note this string of characters is in this GeoGebra resource URL). 3) Select the only 1 option that appears. 4) Move the bowl anywhere on the screen where you'd like. Press the AR button lower right.

Here's what this bowl looks like in augmented reality: