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Unit 4 Lesson 1-9 Quiz


Question 1

The number of fish in a lake decreased by 25% between last year and this year. Last year there were 300 fish in the lake. What is the population this year? Show or explain your reasoning.

Drawing space for question 1 if needed.

Question 2

A company claims that their new bottle holds 25% more laundry soap. If their original container held 40 fluid ounces of soap, how much does the new container hold? Show or explain how you know.

Drawing space for question 2 if needed.

Question 3

Tyler's mom purchased a savings bond for Tyler. The value of the savings bond increases by 5% each year. One year after it was purchased, the value of the savings bond was $126. Find the value of the bond when Tyler's mom purchased it (the original). Explain or show your reasoning.

Drawing space for question 3 if needed.

Question 4

What is 0.5% of 60? Show or explain how you found it. Hint: Try finding 10% and 1% first.

Drawing space for question 4 if needed.

Question 5

Kiran read for x minutes, and Andre read for  more than that. Write an equation that relates the number of minutes Kiran read with y, the number of min33utes that Andre read. Use decimals or fractions in your equation. Remember, equations have an equal sign.