Exploring Inequalities


Algebraic visual comparison

Compare the two following algebraic representations, then answer the question. and One of them is an inequality and the other is an equation. By looking at the algebraic representation, can you figure out which one is which? Describe it in the space below.

In the graph app A below, graph the following equation.

Graph app A

In the graph app B below, graph the following inequality.

Graph app B

Compare and contrast

Compare the two graphs A and B and describe the similarities and differences between them. What do you think causes the difference?

Algebra work

Determine which point, A or B, is a solution of the following inequality and describe how you came up with your answer. You may need to use pen and paper to write things out. point A=(-2, 4) and B=(1, 2)

Plotting points

Scroll up to Graph app B and plot the following points A=(-2, 4) and B=(1, 2) Comparing your Algebra Work with the Plotting points, what conclusion can you make about the location of a point in the inequality when you graph it?